Mamma Beer, a beer created to counteract bad taste side effects in breast cancer patients

Mamma Beer is a beer created by the Czech brewery Zatec Brewery for women with breast cancer. reported through an article by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas.

The beer was created with the objective as an alternative to the patients, in order to be able to taste comforting food in the hardest moments of the illness. One of the side effects of chemotherapy in patients is modification of the palate. Taste is affected by giving a metallic taste, or none at all, to food and drink. Mamma Beer allows to enjoy a non-alcoholic beer that can be first of all tasted, is less sour and is cut with apple juice for sweetness. In addition, the beer contains more vitamin B and potassium than in the normal range, helping to combat dysgeusia.

Mamma Beer in supermarket shelves?

This innovation has until now been distributed in oncology wards and pharmacies in the Czech Republic, and has also been presented in food and beverage shows and events. Beer is expected to reach supermarket shelves.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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