Meet “Cabby’s” London’s First Local White Rum

While London’s got plenty of gin distilleries and juniper spirits, there is only one local white rum in the city. Ladies and gentlemen, meet “Cabby’s”. Welcome the one and only Taxi Spirit Company by Moses Odong.

Moses was a taxi driver who had decided to become an intern for several alcohol brewings in London. After a long time splitting his time between these two jobs, he took the decision to change his life. Moses’ intelligence lead him to use what he had learned at the several breweries where he worked to create his own white rum. This is how the Taxi Spirit Company was born, the only while rum distillery in London.

The entrepreneur subsequently obtained the help from Copper Rivet distiller Abhishek Banik. Their first creation was the Cabby’s Rum, which has a strong Jamaican rum aroma and a sweet taste of coconut and vanilla from its brewing and filtration process.

It was just launched this last June and started with the right foot since it has already won four awards at the International Wine and Spirit Competition. Moreover, Moses and his team improvised their Cabby’s Gin which has also won up to two IWSC awards besides all the gin competition in the city.

A spiced rum is soon to be released while their white rum is still their signature product.


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