France. Nicolas Hulot french Minister advocates banning plastic straws

The French minister of ecological transition and solidarity, Nicolas Hulot announced this morning his resignation during an interview on the radio. The latter was however recently launched in a campaign to ban the use of plastic straws in bars, restaurants and other places of sale. A program that will hopefully remain so despite its departure when we know that every day 500 million single-use straws are used and thrown away. In particular, they are harmful to marine animals and the environment.

So yes, banning straws from your cocktails probably seems excessive. How to enjoy your mojitos without being bothered by the mint leaves, not to mention the people who for medical reasons are forced to use this utensil to feed themselves. Make sure you have many alternatives to continue enjoying your cocktails while protecting the planet.

-Glass straws
Practical for occasional consumption, glass straw made from recycled wander has the advantage of being washable and therefore reusable at will. Already sold in supermarkets it will be very easy for you to get.

-Stainless steel straws
Resistant, elegant but above all washable, the stainless steel straw is a perfect alternative for a pretty presentation when serving your cocktails. The latter is easily found on many sites.

-Paper straws
Less resistant than stainless steel or glass, they have the advantage of being less polluting because they can be recycled. Already available in many supermarkets, they nevertheless have the disadvantage of softening after being immersed in the liquid for too long.

-Bamboo straws
Very widespread in Asian cultures, bamboo straws are resistant, easily reusable after rinsing but above all biodegradable. They can be found on many online sales sites.

– The edible straw
The American start-up “Loliware” is launched in the creation of new generation straw to fight against pollution. At first sight this straw has nothing different from the others, yet it has the particularity of being entirely edible. Once dipped into your drink this straw composed of seaweed softens in order to be eaten. (small specificity, there are different flavours such as coffee, chocolate or vanilla to flavour your drinks)

Even if these straws have an ecological side they are still far from being available in all the places of restoration. Nevertheless it is already possible for you to get some on many Internet sites for a personal use. Know that these alternatives mean little to you, but much for the future of animals and our environment. We must all act!

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