Texas. The range of flavored tequila from Playa Real: Davis Spirits Co. tequila expands its market in the US

Playa Real of Davis Spirits Co. expands the distribution of its range of tequilas in the United States, the neutral silver, and infused mandarin and pineapple tequilas.

The market for fruit infused spirits is constantly expanding. Tequila Playa Real has decided to offer a range of flavored tequila, including three varieties such as silver, mandarin and pineapple. Davis Spirits Co.’s idea for Playa Real stems from the brand’s desire for innovation and the inspiration of tequilas created with fruit infusion.

Playa Real Silver

It is a 100% traditional tequila created with triple distillation, whose flavor is smooth and authentic to tequila.

Playa Real Mandarin

A white tequila with fruit infusion. Playa Real Mandarin, brings the best of mandarin to this tequila.

Playa Real Pineapple

Perfect on the rocks, straight or combined with your favorite blend, Playa Real Pineapple is rich in pineapple, tropical fruits and slightly floral, without influencing the flavor of the agave.

Playa Real is a 100% pure blue agave tequila, that is, its total and absolute composition of sugars comes from agave and is made in Jalisco, Mexico.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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