Spider Island Rum wins gold at Artisan Spirits Awards

Sebago Lake Distillery rum Spider Island Rum won the gold medal at the Artisan Spirits Awards 2018.

The dark rum, with flavors of molasses and caramel, is smooth and perfect for tasting alone. These characteristics earned him the gold medal at the prestigious Artisan Spirits Awards 2018. It should be noted that the Artisan Spirits Awards is a competition that values spirits from all over the world. The selected judges carry out a blind tasting of all the products presented. The annual evaluation is highly respected as they hand-select experts in each field according to their skills.

Spider Island Rum is distilled into small batches using the finest, natural and gluten-free ingredients. Its production is completely handcrafted, until the movement of valves for distillation is exerted by hand.

Dan Davis, co-founder of Sebago Lake Distillery says of Spider Island Rum that it is an “exceptional rum that is accessible to those who generally don’t drink their liqueurs neat, but complex enough and interesting enough for experienced whisky drinkersWinning a gold medal is a testament to our commitment to consistently producing and delivering exceptional rums.”


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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