Tasting is an art, there is no need for excesses so…

Spirits Hunters prone exactly this: drinking responsibly. Learn to taste. What is the art of drinking? We are all in phase with slow food …slow this, slow that… but are we really teaching people how to drink? How to appreciate?  What counts is, learning, savoring what you are drinking. Smaller portions, knowing and appreciating what you are drinking is very important when tasting.

As my grandmother would say: “You are not going to eat three pieces of cake just because it is good“.

So why drink too much? When drinking should become an art and should be taught as such. Take your time to taste a drink, learn to prepare cocktails by applying rules such as measuring and pouring the right amounts. Use your senses: your sight, your smell, your taste. And of course, join current movements that prone low A.B.V drinks and cocktails.

We believe an education bring knowledge so read us and learn to taste.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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