Texas: Deep Eddy Vodka, meet the 10 year old and very original texan distillery

This is DEEP EDDY vodka, this 2020 the distillery is 10 year old! Read about them here.

Visit our Tasting Room and try our award-winning vodkas! Special cocktails and cocktail flights available.

The Deep Eddy Vodka distillery is a different kind of distillery, its interior decoration is different from traditional distilleries. Its facilities include a tasting room of 5000 sq. ft. where you can taste a cocktail flight and a cocktail craft. In addition, its image is characterized by the pin-up concept, each one representing a range.

The brand has 6 varieties of vodka flavored, separating the simple vodka. Among them are in addition to the original, the Deep Eddy Ruby Red, Deep Eddy Lemon, Deep Eddy Peach, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea, Deep Eddy Organe and Deep Eddy Cranberry. All of them are handmade in column distillers.

For more information and visits you can do it through https://www.deepeddyvodka.com/distillery/

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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