The Dom Pérignom Plénitude champagne edition by Richard Geoffroy

What is vintage champagne? The champagne edition Dom Pérignom Plénitude by Richard Geoffroy sums up this misunderstood definition very well.

It is often thought that the term vintage corresponds to the age of champagne. Well, it doesn’t. In the world of champagne, vintage means that grapes from the same year of harvest are used. Indeed, for an exceptional champagne the harvest cannot come from a mediocre or weak year.

And this is well known to Richard Geoffroy, 97, recently retired from Dom Pérignom. During his career he saw around 15 vintage wines between 1990 and 2009. One of his last vintage champagnes is Plénitude 2, which took 17 years to be ready.


What is a Plénitude champagne in Dom Pérignom?

This type of champagne exists in three types, P1, P2 and P3. Each phase corresponds to the years of aging. P1 is equivalent to champagne from 8 to 9 years old; P2 from 16 years old and P3 from 20 years old or more. The difference does not only concern the year, but also the process of the harvest and the wine.


Plénitude 2000 : nose, taste and pairing

This champagne is a ripe, tonic and abundant bouquet. The characters of its warm vintage are mixed with bergamot and stone-picked fruits. Smoky accents.

To the taste, it is vibrant and attacks the palate directly releasing progressively its richness. A viscosity that contains and marries the contours of the wine. Exquisitely bitter, mixing liquorice and toasted malt.

It marries perfectly well with strong beef juice or parsley bulb ravioli. Fried artichoke, sea bass, peach and kombu salad; toasted potato chips, milk foam and caviar. Have you made up your mind?


Plénitude 2000 is available from 365,00 €.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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