The gourmet and edible cocktail cups of two French girls

Les Petites Françaises, on behalf of Roxanne and Mathilde, have been launching edible cups made with love and passion since last April.

What started as a school project of EM Lyon quickly became an obsession. “We knew that this idea of edible cups would be our gateway to the entrepreneurial adventure. »
These cups are made with tasty biscuits. They can contain hot drinks up to 60°c, cold drinks as well as all types of food (ice, cream…). Just be creative and it’s 100% made in France!

With this innovative cup, you consume differently: no waste, it’s the ecological cup, with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

In the month, they are launching two new recipes: one with coconut (vegan) and one with sesame (gluten-free).

Handcrafted in a traditional way, they sometimes have imperfections in the biscuit, which no longer makes them waterproof and therefore prevents them from being marketed. Ecological to the end of their concept, they created a granola of small cookie chips with these losses. It makes you want to taste it !


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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