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The Japanese whisky market will be worth 148 billion dollars in 2023

Whisky companies in Japan report working day and night to meet demand. Discover all our Japanese whisky data here.

The Nikka distillery is boosting its production by 20 percent with double shifts.

The Japanese whisky market would reach 148 billion dollars in value by 2023 (+19%). According to Euromonitor International. This is due to global demand for made-in-japan whisky. It is however a double-edged sword for Japan, which suffers a great shortage due to the long years of aging of its spirit. This came as a surprise to the distillers who did not have enough stock to satisfy this unforeseen demand.


Double shifts in distilleries

This is the first time in 20 years that employees of the Nikka distillery will work double shifts, day and night. Even if, the fruit of the production of the excellent whisky will not see the light until at least ten years. To keep production afloat, they will invest 65 billion Yen ($606 million) these two years. In addition to double shifts, they will invest in new infrastructure.


A constant growing demand

In fact, demand is estimated to increase 7 percent annually by 2022, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. For Hiroshi Ito, executive director of the Japan Spirits and Liquor Makers Association, “The popularity of whisky will continue.


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