The motivations behind Spirits Hunters: A French success story

What excites you about your work at Spirits Hunters?
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Nathalie, can you explain to me what motivated you to create Spirits Hunter?

The adventure began when I was eight years old, we went to visit my father’s godfather at Château Latour. He was the winemaker of the castle. I had the privilege of experiencing my first tasting of great wines. Well, I didn’t really have the right to drink, but I had the opportunity to taste, and in the end, I was absolutely fascinated. Because we enjoyed a superb Armagnac and Cognac. I was imbued with the feeling that it was a feast for the senses.

Nathalie, having created many new formulas for the press, what were your goals in launching What was the intended goal?

The goal was to create a specialized media capable of promoting French expertise in the world of spirits and to introduce the French to interesting spirits from other countries. Our motto, our baseline, is: the art of drinking around the world. Today, our reach extends to 7 languages and we are present in 180 countries, which demonstrates our success in reaching a global audience. But the country where our visibility is strongest remains France.

Nathalie, how do you reach a global audience?

First of all, our presence on Google News gives us legitimacy as an information media, which allows us to be quickly noticed. In addition, publishing in multiple languages allows us to reach directly to people interested in the world of spirits. This gives us a unique opportunity to reach a wide audience passionate about this universe.

How many people can you reach for a targeted audience?

Nathalie: We specifically target the cities or countries where our client wants to be visible, and we use Google News to reach people interested in the article we have written. This is part of a branded content strategy, allowing us to optimize our client’s visibility to their target audience. We can reach between 500,000 and 1 million readers. This all depends on the demographic of the city or country.

INTERVIEW la motivation



Maeva, you have recently joined, what are your thoughts on

I joined Spirits Hunters a few months ago. From my first days, I became aware of the importance of social media for sharing articles. Nowadays, almost everyone has an account, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other. Reading an article on social media is easy and fast. This is a skill that I am developing at Spirits Hunters. This media showcases articles written by media members, or bartenders, or bars that we want to share with our followers.

Maeva, what have you learned so far at Spirits Hunters?

Working at Spirits Hunters, I discovered the backstage of the 360 digital media. It is very interesting because I am learning to choose certain formats, certain images by asking myself what will be the most appealing, which will have the most visibility. I am 20 years old and so I have grown up with social media and today I am learning to be on the lookout for what is most appealing and then use this asset to enhance the posts, for example. Personally, I find this media as visually pleasing as enriching. It is easy to find good advice and cocktail recipes. I communicate with people from all over the world, such as bartenders. It is very enriching.

Maeva, what do you like most about your work at Spirits Hunters?

I think what I like is formatting the articles written by Nathalie, some of which I really like, especially the visuals in the article “intensive course on cognac” where the article teaches us that we can become more knowledgeable without being a great specialist. According to the advice, everyone can access it. That’s what I like too, each article can appeal to everyone.

Maeva, what are you doing for Spirits Hunters today?

Today, I publish on social media the written articles and the bartenders I exchange with each week. I format and publish articles on the Spirits Hunters website and send an article to a well-defined contact list every end of the week. I usually schedule sending on Saturday morning so that the person receiving the article can read it leisurely during a relaxing moment.

In your opinion, what makes Spirits Hunters strong?

Maeva: I think it’s a company with clear and generally quick to read articles. But also in-depth articles, it’s the variety that attracts and strengthens it. It is a media open to everyone, for anyone interested in the world of alcohol in some way. It can be people looking for a new cocktail recipe, a new bar to visit, or even just those who like to read colorful and diverse articles.

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Marie France


And you, Marie France? You who have been here since the beginning?

I joined Spirits Hunters in 2018. It was a whole new adventure for me, especially when it comes to translation and localization. I was discovering a new field, that of spirits and mixology and its language.

Marie France, tell us, what makes it interesting, even rewarding, to work for Spirits Hunters?

The idea of working on an international web-based media – at the time the site was available in French and English and gradually we made it available in Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese – social networks and online shopping, was very interesting, as for the marketing aspect we had to study dedicating ourselves to a very specific, international audience and collaborating with brands to understand their goals and ideal target audience. Witnessing the growth and consolidation of this media on a global scale is indeed a rewarding experience. I am someone who has flourished in different cultures and finding this multicultural aspect while working at Spirits Hunters motivated me even more. Today, our media is respected by both professionals and enthusiasts, which testifies to its impact and quality.

Marie France, what project has interested you the most so far at Spirits Hunters?

I really enjoyed participating in the marketing campaigns of Diplomático rum, with whom we collaborated as part of their ARTISANS OF TASTE competition, because it is a rum produced in my home country: Venezuela!

Marie France, what is your favorite mission for this media?

In addition to translation and marketing campaigns, I also enjoy writing for Spirit Hunters because Nathalie gives a lot of freedom in this regard and we manage to come up with ideas together to write about topics that we are passionate about but that will also resonate with our audience. It’s also worth mentioning that I have learned a lot about the art of drinking!

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And you, Diana, what do you prefer about your work at Spirits Hunters?

I am passionate about managing the Instagram account, especially aimed at bartenders within the global bartender community. It’s a fascinating experience! I find great inspiration and joy in connecting with these creative professionals and discovering their creations. Staying up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the mixology world is a real challenge. My active monitoring allows me to stay ahead and share these new trends with my partners and clients, strengthening my role as a source of information and influence in my field.

Diana, what motivates you to analyze statistics and interactions with your newsletters?

When it comes to analyzing statistics and interactions with my newsletters, it’s a strategic approach to understanding my audience and adapting my content accordingly. I am truly invested in understanding my readers, as it is essential to maintain high engagement and relevance. In summary, my love for managing my Instagram account and my interest in observing trends and reactions from my audience reflect my dedication to my field and my desire to stay at the forefront of the industry. It’s a proactive and rewarding approach that motivates me every day!

How does Spirits Hunters manage to differentiate itself from other media?

Diana: In a world where flavors and cultures converge, Spirits Hunters stands out as a guide through the world of spirits. From Nathalie’s passionate initiative was born a globally renowned adventure, sharing the art of drinking well across 180 countries. With a determined team and a multilingual strategy, Spirits Hunters has captured a global audience, reaching up to a million readers. New recruits, such as Maeva, Marie France, and Diana, embody the commitment and passion that drive this media, offering a captivating experience to a diverse audience. Together, we shape the future of Spirits Hunters, where innovation, collaboration, and quality are at the heart of every initiative. Their ongoing dedication promises to maintain Spirits Hunters as an unparalleled source of inspiration for spirit enthusiasts worldwide.




Nathalie, what is the editorial line of Spirits Hunters?

The editorial line of Spirits Hunters focuses on exploring the human values ​​associated with the production, consumption, and appreciation of spirits. We highlight the stories behind spirits, shedding light on where and how they are made, as well as the passionate people who create them. Our readers are curious to know the origins of spirits, as it adds an additional dimension to their tasting experience. We place great emphasis on interviews and portraits, offering an intimate look at the people shaping the spirits industry. Articles, or stories about the origins of spirits, generate a strong interest among our audience, prompting them to discover more about the products they are tasting. In addition to inspiring stories, we also share original recipes from top bartenders, allowing our community to discover new ways to enjoy their favorite spirits. We are also a meeting place for players in the world of spirits, giving distillers, bartenders, and experts a voice to share their visions and experiences. Furthermore, we explore the history of brands, as we know our readers appreciate stories that recount the evolution of spirits over time. We are also attentive to new brands and their innovations, providing our readers with valuable information on the latest trends and new discoveries. In summary, our editorial line highlights the human stories behind spirits, while offering a captivating mix of interviews, portraits, original recipes, and information on the history and innovations in the spirits industry.

And for brand content?

Nathalie: At Spirits Hunters, we inevitably integrate brand content, but we ensure that these brands align with our media. They also represent products present in specific countries or cities, thus appealing to our local readership. In addition, we collaborate with brands to organize contests and competitions, enriching the experience of our community.

With your continued support, we continue to develop Spirits Hunters to remain at the forefront of technology by using artificial intelligence tools to enhance the reader experience.

With a constantly growing global audience and an editorial approach focused on human stories and spirits values, Spirits Hunters promises to remain a source of inspiration for spirit enthusiasts worldwide. We are very grateful to all our contributors, who animate and nurture our inspiration. Cheers. 

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