bar terrace

This is what Adair Curtis & Jason Bolden’s rooftop terrace bar looks like

Discover what the rooftop terrace bar of the JSN Studio founders looks like.

Inspired by the design of their favorite hotels in Paris and Morocco, Adair Curtis and Jason Bolden conceived this beautiful, fresh and tasteful rooftop space.

Furnished with elegant items including Faye Toogod’s Roly Poly dining chairs and a dining table by John Pawson. A great combination for an outdoor decoration.

The bar, in which we can see the bottles exposed under a roof and in front of a wall of planted canopy, is topped with a sandy-white surface from Ceasarstone. Four chairs await guests to taste at the bar surrounded by a beautiful green space and a lounge with two seating invites for daylong lounging.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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