This is what the multi-sensorial experience of Kraken 4D was like

The Kraken 4D sensory experience took place last July 12 and 13, to immerse rum tasters in the house of the mythical sea monster…

Between glasses of Kraken Black Spice rum and deliciously wild dishes, the taste experience aboard the Kraken 4D restaurant elevates the senses to another level. Heavy rain, howling wind, thunder and lightning decorate the atmosphere for a multi-sensory experience.

On the one hand, the roofs of the restaurant were designed to give off cascades of rain every minute. On the other hand, a high-powered wind machine blows cyclonic winds from every angle of the room. In addition, to complete this perfect storm, lightning accompanied by echoes of its thunder will scintillate on your head.

In the Kraken 4D everything has been designed to transport you to the world of the sea monster. Legend has it that the treacherous waters of the ocean that the Kraken calls home were the inspiration for these perfect storms.

The completely controlled storm reaches its calm when it comes to serving dishes. However, not without entering the ‘eye of the storm’: retaining winds and softer showers will accompany you during the tasting of dishes dominated by naturally black ingredients and natural black food coloring.

Not tasting seafood would not be worthy of this experience. That’s why the Jet Black menu served pickled seafood composed of baby squid, octopus and cocktails, all served on a bed of seaweed salad and crustacean black gel. Main dishes include black ink linguini, prawns, squid rings and heritage tomatoes. Herbivores had a menu of black nori rolls with kale and green beans to start with. Followed by black garlic gnocchis as the main course. The house dessert, Kraken Black Ice Cream, closes with a finishing touch.

We did not forget the cocktails of the house: four Kraken rum based cocktails of course.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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