Top ten alcohol free beers

Blond beer is one of the drinks you like the most. But following embarrassing situations caused by excessive alcohol consumption, you have trouble finding the beer you need; the one without alcohol or containing very low levels. A guide helps you to find satisfaction here: Adrian Chiles. He knows about beer and for him, “Next to water, a non-alcoholic beer should be the healthiest thing to drink in a pub”. Here are the top 10 alcoholic beers, according to him:

1- Beck’s Blue with a slightly metallic taste.

2- Heineken, available in cans.

3- Bavaria, can be taken with water.

4- Erdinger Alkoholfrei, isotonic and rich in essential nutrients.

5- Czech lager, very well hopped.

6- Brewdog, the homemade beer full of flavour.

7- Pale Ale, winner of a prize at the 2018 World Beer Awards.

8- Big Drop Stout, in small and large bottles.

9- Alphabet Brewing Company, lemon blond beer.

10- Alpine Lager, contains only 2.8% alcohol.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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