Video: Aviation Gin launches commercial celebrating an octogenarian’s first drink

Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds’ brand, launches an unprecedented commercial where an 84-year-old woman tries out her first “legal” drink. Watch it here.

Arlene Manko, is 84 years old, but her birthday celebrated every four years on February 29th, makes her the “oldest person of 21”.

So, this year, Manko is “legally” 21 years old if we take into account her leap years. To celebrate his 21st birthday, Manko appears in a commercial for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, tasting “her first legal drink”.

Technically, I was 5 when I got married,” it says in the ad. “I had seven children in 10 years, don’t you think at some point I didn’t want a drink?

The commercial is very humorous and shows Manko buying alcohol, and saying he’s not “an angel.” Reynold says, “We wanted her first legal drink to be Aviation Gin.” Reynolds shared the ad on Twitter and Instagram last Friday, before Manko’s big day.

Aviation Gin also offers others born on February 29 a birthday gift: “Aviation Gin is honoring anyone else born on February 29, 1936, who has had to wait patiently all these years to finally reach their 21st birthday,” the company said in a statement shared with USA TODAY by Emily Kjesbo. “Those of legal drinking age can email Reynolds at to obtain a gift card for an online alcohol retailer.”

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.