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What is the so called “Agave Syndrome”?

Dr Salem Sahli explains what agave syndrome is. It has nothing to do with mezcal or tequila. We summed it up for you.

There is a syndrome called “Agave Syndrome”, which is attributed to a couple when one of the two parties seeks adventure outside the love circle.

The syndrome is named after the analogy between the time it takes for an agave to develop and the time it takes for a person to externalize his or her passion for more fiery relationships.

Agaves are vigorous plants that develop slowly and comfortably over several decades. When they reach 15 – 20 years of age they bloom in all their splendor and die after bearing fruit. Agaves bloom only once. In the same way, we find men and women of mature age. But they express their passion (this blooming) when they reach old age.

Dr. Sahli explains that there is not necessarily a relationship between the syndrome and sex. Instead, it is more of an attitude that defies time and faces finitude. It is a search for the true life that the person feels he has not had, and not for lust.


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