Whiskey sales are on the rise in China

Baijiu spirit dominates the Chinese market, and in fact, is positioned among the main four liqueurs in the world, after cognac, whiskey and vodka.

Despite the growing demand and strong positioning of the baijiu, brands derived from Pernod Ricard, and Martell’s cognac, achieved positive results in the Chinese spirits market, beyond expectations.

The whisky market remains in high demand in China, Diageo for example, forecasts and hopes that by the end of 2018 and therefore for the next decade 5% of its global sales will come from China.

One of the reasons that has led Chinese people to invest large sums of money in alcohol (for example, a minimum of 80 euros per bottle of whisky) is the growing fraction of luxury consumers, who are found among the urban population, according to Drinks Inside Network. Not surprisingly, when we see brands like Rémy Martin, who decided to premiere the most expensive decanter so far – the Louis XIII Salmanazar – in their Louis XIII store in the SKP Shin Kong Place mall in Beijing.


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