Japan. Wine and sushi pairing at Kiminari Togawa’s restaurant

Looking for good flavours led us to Japan where we discovered an address that offers a different gastronomic experience. This is the restaurant of chef Kiminari Togawa, who is recognized as a pioneer in the association of sushi and wine. It stands out as a world reference thanks to its perfect mastery of flavours. Several menus are available to vary the pleasures. The chef uses wines of various brands as well as champagne to offer a different experience to all dishes.

This sushi and wine pairing allows to have dishes every bite of which is a real delight. The recipes also adapt to the taste of consumers who can try new compositions. Chef Togawa’s cuisine is both inventive and gastronomic. To the gustatory complexity of the wine is added the tenderness and sweetness of sushi for a mixture that melts pleasantly in the mouth.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.