Argentina. Vercetti – Malibu Club

Although the heat slowly fades away and in some places it begins to cool, it is never too late or a bad time to enjoy good electronics with summer reminiscences. In the Spirits Hunters Playlist we present Vercetti.

Vercetti is an Argentine musician from Santa Cruz, creator of electronic tracks “since 1995”. He is inspired by french house, future funk and vaporwave. His song Malibu Club caught our attention. We find it hard to get electronics that don’t overwhelm us when we’re in a bar or a club, an easily digested music that transports us and amuses us.

So we leave you with Vercetti and his summer vibes in the best Malibu style. Malibu Club is part of the Summer Hits Vol.1 album released in May. It comes in cassette format (yes, because vintage is fashionable), vinyl and digital.


Vercetti – Summer Hits Vol.1 © 2018


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.