M4A4 – Airmax and Beers

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At Spirits Hunters we not only hunt spirits, we also like to hunt artists out of the mainstream or rather intriguing. In our music publications we seek to offer music that is easy to listen to and adapted to different atmospheres. Today we present DJ M4A4 from Dublin and his song Raf from the Airmax and Beers EP. (Genres. Alternative/Lo-Fi/House/Techno).

The dublinese DJ’s song is special, the repetition of a unique sound during the five minutes that make up the song, does not become at any time a hindrance. On the contrary, the DJ has managed to maintain harmony in all his sounds, avoiding monotony and making RAF an easy track to enjoy and that transports us to the best dance floor.

It is said, according to, that the Irish producer was the resident DJ for some time at the underwater disco of Poseidon. There’s more to know about the DJ’s biography while we enjoy his good electronics next to… a lager?


M4A4 - Airmax and Beers

DJ M4A4 – Airmax and Beers©


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