Rooftop music: Sweatson Klank – Like I Need You feat. Anna Calvo

Rooftop music album by sweatson klank like i need you
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We bring you a perfect rooftop music by Sweatson Klank, in our opinion this track fits perfectly with the summer vibe: a Paradise cocktail at the edge of the pool on a rooftop…

Thomas Wilson, better known as Sweatson Klank, is an artist and music producer. He has extensive experience in music due to his diversity.

He has created music for original film scores, applications and videogames, as well as composed music for film, television and commercials. Today we introduce Like I Need you on the Spirits Hunters Playlist.

Through this track, Like I Need You, Sweatson Klank follows the trends of today’s electronics and dubstep rhythms, which we notice above all in the downbeats that section each half of the bars. In turn, the introduction of keyboard sounds into the theme gives a chill and synthesized air. The voices, on the other hand, also enter the current rhythms that have been playing for a couple of years, with the effect of a deep voice in some passages, as if it were passing through several layers, drowned out.

In our opinion this track fits perfectly with the summer vibe: a Paradise cocktail on the edge of the pool on a rooftop. It is also a refreshing and easy to listen to song. The summer atmosphere brings with it more and more summer hits but we decided to show you Like I Need You that, while it borders on current trends, is still pop yet less mainstream, with originality that comes from the artist experiences.


Good listening and cheers!

Sweatson Klank – Like I Need You EP ©


Paradise Cocktail recipe

The Paradise is an official cocktail of the IBA, and is classified as a “pre-dinner” drink, an aperitif. The first known recipe for the Paradise cocktail was written by Harry Craddock in 1930.

This cocktail is prepared with:

  • gin,
  • apricot brandy
  • orange juice in a
  • dash of lemon juice.
  • Ratio 2:1:1


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.