Black Gold cocktail by Choni Song

Original cocktail recipes are even more delicious, so why bother at the bar asking for the same old cocktails?

This time, Choni Song, bartender at The Cannery Shanghai, shows us his signature cocktail recipe: The Black Gold, which entered the top 8 cocktails of the Bacardi legacy global cocktail competition in 2016.


Black gold

Black Gold cocktail by Choni Song

Black Gold by  Choni Song



1 barspoon black truffle honey

10ml Kamma&Sons ginseng aperitif

20ml DOM Benedictine

20ml fresh lime juice

45ml Bacardi Carta De Oro

Glassware: rock

Garnish: spray a fresh grapefruit peel and discard it

Preparation: put all ingredients in a shaker except grapefruit peel, stir until truffle honey has dissolved, add ice cubes and shake hard. Fine strain into chilled rock glass with a big ice block. Enjoy!

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