De Agostini cocktail by Alessandro Forte

Alessandro was born in Sicily and since 2015 he has discovered a real passion for cocktails and mixing. Last year he fell in love with the tiki style, without neglecting the classics. Passionate about botanicals, aromatic herbs, spices, citrus fruits and exotic fruits, when he has time he goes to the mountains to collect what he needs for his homemade preparations


DE AGOSTINI cocktail

De Agostini cocktail by Alessandro Forte

Tequila 5 cl

Herbal Mix ( fresh basil leaf, rosemary, mint)

Cinnamon & Agave syrup 2 cl

Fresh Lemon juice.

Put fresh lemon, basil and rosemary in a mixing tin and lightly beaten. Then insert fresh mint, tequila and cinnamon and agave syrup. Fill ice, shake and double strain into a vintage cocktail cup. Garnish with Lemon zest and basil leaf.


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