Estrella Brillante cocktail by Angelika Larkina

Angelika Larkina. She is a barmaid from Estonia, currently working at EBA Koolituskeskus, Estonian Bartenders Association Training Cente which is dedicated to provide top quality and comprehensive training service for bartenders, service staff, and for all interested in the cocktail world.

The talented barmaid won the Bacardi Legacy GCC in San Francisco ( 20 – 25.04), representing her country Estonia. Her cocktail Mi Amor entered the Top 16 cocktail from 2016.

Among other recipes, she decided to share Estrella Brillante cocktail. Perfect for rum lovers and spirits lovers of Chambord, Grand Marnier and Vermouth. We have gathered the ingredientes for this craft cocktail drink.

Estrella Brillante cocktail by Angelika Larkina

Estrella Brillante cocktail by Angelika Larkina

50 ml Diplomático Mantuano
15 ml Rosato vermouth
10 ml Chambord
5 ml Grand Marnier
2,5 ml Fig balsamico

Stir, add the orange zest and garnish with edible flowers and stars, raspberries.

Taste and enjoy !

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