Sonic Negroni cocktail by Joe Schofield

Joe Schofield is the Head Bartender of Tippling Club in Singapore. Alongside Chef owner Ryan Clift the duo have received global recognition for their Sensorium Menu series. Most recently they launched their edible gummy bear menu “Dreams & Desires”. Each of their gummy bears has the flavours of the cocktail and flavours synonymous with the dream or desire it represents.

We introduce a variation of Negroni, the classic italian cocktail. Joe Schofield shares with Spirits Hunters the Sonic Negroni Cocktail. This version of negroni with a twist of Schofield’s jellys, with Fords Gin and Cocchi Torino. Learn how to create this cocktail recipe below.


Sonic Negroni cocktail

Sonic Negroni by Joe Schofield


25ml Fords Gin

25ml Campari

12.5ml Martini Rosso

12.5ml Cocchi Torino

Glass: Old Fashioned

Age all ingredients in Polyscience Sonic Prep. Full output for 5 minutes.

Store mix chilled and pour over one block of ice and garnish with a Negroni Jelly.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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