Zahir Touch cocktail by Stanislav Kaiholomalie

The Zahir Touch Cocktail is mainly composed of Nikka Coffee Malt, aperol, sloe gin and a hint of orange. Amber in colour, the cocktail is perfect as a snack or aperitif.

Stanislav Kaiholomalie founded and contributed to the development of the Analog Bartending Institute, a school at the forefront of barmen and barwomen training.

He is a whisky connoisseur and enthusiast who travels many countries. However, it is often present in Austria and Slovakia. Adviser at Nikka Whisky Europe, we owe him the creation of several cocktails. This time he shares with us the Zahir Touch cocktail.


Zahir Touch Cocktail

Zahir Touch cocktail by Stanislav Kaiholomalie


40 ml Nikka Coffee Malt whisky

10 ml sloe gin

10 ml aperol

A finger of orange bitters

Type of glass

Cocktail glass


Edible flower


Mix the ingredients in a mixing glass, stir and filter into a cocktail glass. Press orange zest and add edible flower filling.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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