Here’s how to make a pink gin tonic

The year 2018, a year when people think “unscheduled” so the most original cocktails had a lot of likes. But the big star was the pink cocktail !

The trend is certainly not going to go anytime soon, so we decided it was time for us all to master to prepare the perfect pink cocktail at home. That’s why we asked our friends at Gordon’s Gin to help us reinvent the classic rose gin tonic.

Created by Gordon’s Gin National Ambassador and mixologist Krystal Hart, pink gin and tonic is all you’ll want to drink when you leave the beach this season. Made with fresh ingredients, we believe the secret lies in fresh strawberry slices and lemon juice, adding an unexpected touch to the drink.

Ingredients :

– 45ml Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin

– 100ml of tonic water

– Ice cubes

– Two strawberries

– Half a lemon

Method : 

– pour 45 ml of Gordon Premium Pink Gin into a tall glass,

– fill the glass with ice and garnish with fresh strawberry slices and juice of half a lemon,

– mix with 100 ml of tonic water.

A word of advice : combine Gordon’s premium ginger and Pink tonic with a carefully prepared fruit platter full of fresh berries.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.



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