Bombay Sapphire gin, infused with imagination

We make a leap in time to recall this inspiring Bombay Sapphire Imagine ad. Infused with imagination is indeed the motto of this beautiful advertising from London Gin Bombay and encourages everyone to exploit our creativity and imagination in everything we do.

The creation of Bombay Sapphire gin

When I open my eyes I see.

When I open my mouth I speak, my ears they listen

And when I open my mind I imagine

Imagine a world where everything is possible

No boundaries, no preconceptions, just Endless Possibility

Imagination is everything

In Bombay Sapphire Imagine, we noticed how the creation of The Worlds Most Famous Gin was occupied by a process of imagination, how creativity leads to the perfection of a spirit. Bombay Sapphire, for its part, uses an infusion method in which the 12 spices are suspended over the spirit, inside the stills. In this way the steam releases all the aromas during a process of exchange between the steam of the liquor and the spices.

During 2014 Bombay Sapphire Gin hosted parties that promoted the stimulation of the imagination, as in Rome, where graffiti canvases were available to artists and a Mini Cooper was converted into a piece of art.

Music : “Epiphany” by Philip Sheppard