Brettos Bar: more than a century crafting Ouzo

This bar in Greece is an expert in the crafting of the national spirit called Ouzo. We tell you all about them here.

You are probably familiar with Ouzo brands such as “12”, “Pilavas”, and “Metaxa” which are the most popular around the Greek spirit. However, there is a large amount of traditional and craft Ouzo made in families and local cafes. Brettos Bar located at Kidathineon 41 in Athens, have been producing their own since more than one century.

Brettos Bar is the oldest distillery in Athens. How about that? We had the pleasure to visit it, and although it is located in Plaka, one of the most popular neighborhoods, it is a little difficult to spot the bar. Brettos showcases their liqueurs and spirits in a multicolored like bar, which is the result of their different liqueurs; they can go from mandarin, to peppermint to triple sec. Overall they have more than 36 different flavors of liqueur.

This ranbowish bar display contains more than 160 Greek spirits. Don’t miss the chance to visit this legendary distillery and bar to taste one of the best Ouzo, among other Greek spirits, and of course cocktails, in Greece.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.