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La Part des Anges: Nicolas Tricoire, member the UGVC union from Cognac

Nicolas Tricoire is a member of the UGVC (Union Générale des Viticulteurs pour l’AOC Cognac) winegrowers’ union, which brings together winegrowers from the Cognac region. Thanks to the UGVC, producers protect all their interests, both legal and administrative. This is also a body that deals with technological issues for production, thus turning it into a force for proposal.

It is worth mentioning that Nicolas Tricoire is taking part this year with Drevelle in the eleventh edition of La Part des Anges after joining forces to create an exhibition chest for cognac. The chest will be presented at the eleventh edition of La Part des Anges 2018, organized with Artcurial and to be held on September 20 at Les Chais Monnet in Cognac. The proceeds of this sale will be donated in part to Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s), the rehabilitation school of Thierry Marx, supporter of this eleventh edition.


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