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Barbecue-flavored vodka premiered for your Bloody Mary

Would you try this barbecue-flavored vodka? Here’s why it’s interesting and how to use it to prepare a Bloody Mary cocktail.

The 360 Vodka brand is launching a new product in its varied list of original flavoured liqueurs: the “Barbecue Vodka”.

It is a “spicy, sweet, sour and real” vodka, as described on the 360 Vodka website. KC Barbeque Vodka is inspired by the famous Kansas City barbecue sauce and its creator Henry Perry. And so, this vodka is only available in the Kansas City metropolitan area at the moment.

The vodka is then well suited for meat lovers, or the Bloody Mary cocktail, to add a different touch thanks to its smoky flavor, which is in fact the first in its style.

Previously, 360 Vodka invented special flavors for its product line. Among them are flavors such as double chocolate, and popcorn with butter.

Notably, the vodka brand is an industry leader in initiatives to preserve the environment by reducing waste and resource consumption in the production of distilled spirits.

360 Barbeque Rib Bloody Mary Recipe


60 ml of 360 Barbeque Flavored Vodka

15 ml lemon juice

7 ml Worchestershire sauce

30 ml sweet BBQ sauce

Bloody Mary Mix


Rim the edge of the glass with your favorite BBQ rub and fill your glass with ice. Add 360 Barbeque Flavored vodka, lemon juice, sweet BBQ sauce, worchestershire sauce and fill with your favorite Bloody Mary Mix. Decorate with a large piece of meat rib.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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