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Le Philtre : a vodka imagined between friends, discover its bottle here

Discover the bottle of organic vodka Le Philtre, founded by Frédéric Beigbeder, screenwriter and writer and now vodka producer!


The bottle of Le Philtre Organic Vodka: an emblematic product of the circular economy

We imagined our vodka with friends, and we wanted it to be eco-friendly. Organic wheat, pure water, no added sugar. The only thing missing from the Philtre was a bottle made from 100% recycled glass: we were told ” ‘100%’? Sorry but today, it’s simply not possible.”

So we looked… and we found it! This is how our bottles are made.

The bottles we throw in the containers make up only 60 to 85% of the glass used to make new ones. So we have to create extra glass: among other things, we use sand for this. The mixture of recycled glass and sand is fed into a furnace heated to 1500° so that the material melts and becomes malleable. It is then conveyed to the moulds that will give the bottles their shape, and gradually cooled.

In order to obtain a specific glass color, coloring agents are added to the initial mixture right from the furnace stage. Reaching the desired colour can take up to 3 days. During this period, the molten glass leaving the furnace goes through different colors. After cooling, it becomes a mass of waste that must be disposed of. This color-changing glass is of no interest to beverage producers – let alone vodka manufacturers: marketing does not recommend the use of white bottles.

In order to be able to recycle this waste, we have therefore freed ourselves from the traditional marketing codes for vodka: “whatever the color, let’s recover this waste and create atypical bottles for our vodka!”

The Organic Vodka Philemon has a multitude of bottle colors, and each one is unique. Moreover, the manufacture of our bottles made of 100% non-recovered material allows us to save energy and raw materials.

And this is how Le Philtre Organic Vodka participates in the circular economy, like no other vodka brand in the world.

Tack too!
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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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