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Historic Cocktails: whisky-based cocktail with Peter Dawson “Special”

We present some special, ancient historic cocktail recipes, compiled directly from the booklet “puis le gas y dit” by Distillers Corporation Seagrams Limited of Montreal.

The recipes included in this book were found and tasted in law firms of connoisseurs, hotel club experts and world-renowned hotels of the time. Divided into five parts according to the spirit base from gin, Scotch whisky, Canadian and American rye to bourbon.


Peter Dawson “Special” Whisky

Today, we continue with Peter Dawson Whisky. This whisky was created in 1890. A recent Victorian blend produced by the eponymous distiller Peter Dawson, now owned by Diageo. He made an anecdote of it on Armistice Day, at the time in “Puis le gas y dit”. Two whisky-based cocktails are then required to tell the anecdote.

peter dawson whisky


Ohio Cocktail

Suggested by the Manager of the famous Golf Hotel “La Plage” and the Old Tea Room “A la Marquise de Sévigné” in Etretat, France dating from the 15th century.


1/4 glass of Bitters orange liqueur glass

1/2 Peter Dawson Whisky wine glass

1/2 glass of Italian Vermouth wine

Savetier Whisky

Pour 1 1/2 glasses of Peter Dawson wine into a large glass, one teaspoon of pineapple syrup. Fill with crushed ice. Shake vigorously. Garnish with fruit and serve with a straw.


Looking to buy an old bottle of Peter Dawson?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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