Fractal, Audemus Spirits’ hybrid wine and bergamot-based spirit

Fractal is described as a “table spirit”, based on wine and bergamot, designed to “cleanse the palate” between meals.

Audemus Spirit has created Fractal, a table spirit based on a blend of Gewurztraminer wine from France’s Alsace region and Bergamot produced in Calabria, Italy. The company referred to Fractal as a “hybrid” spirit that has been designed to function as a palate cleanser and should be served in small glasses between meals.

The launch of Fractal was limited to 220 50cl bottles and is available to European consumers for sale on the company’s website. Fractal has five different presentations with diverse labeling produced by Parisian artist Baykul Baris Yilmaz.

Photo: Audemus Spirits


To taste Fractal in style, Audemus has also prepared the launch of a collection of porcelain mugs created in collaboration with UK-based artist Reiko Kaneko.


Fractal: a wine-based spirit

Alcohol content: 21% abv

Available: yes

Where: Europe Europe

Price: suggested retail price 23 € for 50cl bottle

More information:

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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