A funny story about a cat who stole armagnac!

What is a cat doing late at night? We at Spirits Hunters, are spirits gatherer, but, we also have our eyes set on those misterious spirits fans!

This is the funny story of a cat who stole armagnac. Late at night, what happens when everybody is asleep? Little steps, no sound. Paws as soft as a pillow, traces the steps of a path that leads right to a precious spirit: armagnac!

Oh, the French spirit from the Gers, in the region of Armagnac. Your decanter, filled with this precious liquid, is sitting as it gets old. Better keep it well, as they say, with the ages it becomes better too. But someone might be stealing your armagnac from you during your sleep!

You do not believe us?

However, this little cat took a little too much of this delicious spirit. On his way back, he does not seem to coordinate anymore. Don’t be fooled, kitty! Next time, share, taste and drink responsibly!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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