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7 Bars in Abu Dhabi: tasting cocktails in the city

To taste cocktails in bars in Abu Dhabi, we guide you on the drinking culture in the city, which is not the same as in other places in the world. Read more here.

In Abu Dhabi you will find a myriad of places to enjoy cocktails and food. The ambiance varies from cool to elegant. It is necessary to know that there are regulations, laws, for alcohol consumption and that it is not like drinking in any Western country.

Conde Nast has summarized for us the local laws for drinking in bars in Abu Dhabi, and in restaurants and venues… Alcohol is only available in hotels for non-residents, and restaurants and bars owned by hotels. Of course, there are liquor stores to buy alcohol but it is necessary to have a permit to buy drinks in these stores, permits that are only for UAE residents.

It is very important to know that as in many countries it is forbidden to drink in public. In addition, any level of intoxication in public spaces is prohibited.


Here are the bars in Abu Dhabi and places to taste cocktails, food, drinks and various beverages


Dragon’s Tooth

Where? Rosewood Abu Dhabi

A bar with a 1920’s speakeasy vibe. Visually it’s spectacular, with leather ceiling and brass accents, plus it has an antique collection of jars salvaged from Chinese flea markets. Cocktail highlights include the Japonri, made with Japanese whiskey, sloe gin, and Aperol, plus a menu with a long selection of non-alcoholic cocktails.


Ray’s Bar

Where? Jumeirah Etihad Towers

We found Ray’s Bar on the 62nd floor of the Jumeirah, in the Etihad Towers. From here you can admire Abu Dhabi from above while enjoying DJ-performed set music and sipping craft cocktails like the Madame Negroni, made with fig, coffee, clove-infused gin, Campari, Lillet Blanc vermouth and plum bitters.

Photo credit: Ray’s Bar / Dragon’s Tooth


Barfly by Buddha Bar

Where? Ritz Hotel

A neo-baroque style bar known for being frequented by artists like Madonna or celebrities like Naomi Campbell. During the day in the afternoon you can enjoy the shisha lobby, and at night you can enjoy drinks like the Purple Mount, prepared with vodka infused with damiana, blackberry puree and beet and rose foam. A place to dance as well.


Abu Dhabi bars for non-alcoholic cocktails

In Dubai, the low-abv trend (low-alcohol content drinks or non-alcoholic drinks) is easy to find in bars around the city. Here are four bars in Abu Dhabi offering very original non-alcoholic cocktails, with nothing to envy to alcoholic cocktails. People wishing to enjoy alcoholic drinks can still find their place in these bars, but it is worth noting that these bars have created dedicated menus designed to serve high quality, handcrafted non-alcoholic cocktails. So it is definitely worth a shot trying them!



Where? The Mall World Trade Center

What to taste? 126 BC, with peach puree, lemon, rose and cinnamon soda or the Dragon Flower: orange blossom, elderflower, dragon fruit and lime.

Atmosphere: frequented by mall shoppers at the end of the day, but also joined by people looking for dinner or lunch.



Where? Emirates Palace, Corniche Road West

What to taste? Jasmine Yue, prepared with tangerine, strawberries, passion fruit juice, jasmine green tea and white tea.

Atmosphere: live music, wood paneling, dark chairs, fountains, and skyline views…dress fancy if you would!


Trader’s Vic

Where? Beach Rotana, Tourist Club Area

What to taste? No Tai Mai Tai.

Atmosphere: Beachy! What more can we say?



Where? Nation Riviera Beach Club

What to taste? Tropical drinks.

Atmosphere: a bar frequented by expats and travelers.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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