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Bars and restaurants closed in Catalonia and the Netherlands for 15 days

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Bars and restaurants in Catalonia and the Netherlands will be closed for 15 days from today as a result of Covid-19. Read more here.

The Government of Catalonia announced the closure of the bars and restaurants in a joint press conference by the Vicepresidency, Health and Interior. The measures arise to “flatten the curve” and “move forward to the events before it is the Spanish Government that imposes measures,” indicate sources of the Government to the newspaper EL PERIÓDICO.

Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic is spreading very quickly in Catalonia. According to health experts, the next two weeks are key to avoid a second confinement at home. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce social interaction, especially in bars and restaurants. In fact, it is the hospitality sector where most of the social gatherings take place.

Currently, Spain lists fifth in incidence of the virus in Europe. Most communities in Spain have chosen to reduce capacity and limit the opening hours of these establishments. The exception is currently Catalonia and Melilla.

Although the evolution of the virus in Catalonia is worrying, it is far from that of the Community of Madrid. In the latter, more infections have been registered, but bars and restaurants remain open. However, in Catalonia they want to avoid falling into the same situation that Madrid is currently suffering. Considering the rise in the reproduction rate (Rt) which is now at 1.33 and the risk of rebound at 338.49 points, the growth of the pandemic in Catalonia is considered “very high”. “Catalonia is at the beginning of the second wave of Covid-19,” said the Government’s spokesperson, Meritxell Budó.


The Netherlands

The Dutch government also announced a series of measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Starting this Wednesday, bars and restaurants in the country will be closed for at least two weeks. The services allowed are those of takeaway and home delivery. “If things do not go well in the coming weeks we will move towards total confinement,” said the Prime Minister Mark Rutte. At one point, Mr. Rutte had been reluctant to re-impose tighter restrictions that could damage a fragile economic recovery.

As in many countries, the Dutch hospitality industry said that “it is understandable that the government is taking exceptional measures with a view to public health, but the consequences for the restaurant industry are incalculable,” said Koninjklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), which represents more than 20 000 companies.



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