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This is how some bars in France survive closure due to Covid-19

To avoid the closure imposed by the restrictions to counter new covid-19 infections, some bars in Paris have reinvented themselves by selling food.

Officially, and since Tuesday October 6, the bars of Paris and it suburbs are closed (and other cities in the South of France as well as in Montpellier and Toulouse). The authorities described this as a “maximum alert” area, that is, where the circulation of the coronavirus is intense. Therefore, to avoid closure, some bar managers found a way to stay open. Now, they offer food to their customers to avoid sanctions for being only a “beverage debit” society, meaning a place that only serves drinks. In effect, bars remain closed while restaurants (although with certain restrictions) are still open.

One restaurateur explains that his main activity is serving meals, both for lunch and for dining, and when they do not serve food, he has the right to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages out of lunch and dinner. However, it is forbidden to have a drink in the restaurant bar standing, inside.

In other cities in France like Marseille the bar and restaurant sector has suffered severely. The authorities check whether the open establishments have a fully equipped kitchen that is suitable for serving food. In case of infringement, the owner is liable to pay a fine of 135 euros. In addition, he is exposed to the administrative closure of his business.

Bars must find ways to reinvent themselves in order to remain open and continue their activity, as long as they apply measures that prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


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