A cocktail bar that represents the prison world

The concept of Alcotraz does not leave indifferent. Already the name of the bar evokes the famous American prison, and an entrance inside confirms even more this impression. The idea is to give clients a complete immersion in the prison world. The bar is inspired by television series, including Orange is the new black and Shawshank Redemption.

As shown in the video of “Business insider”, the result is quite realistic with fitted cells where drinks are served to visitors. On arrival, they are required to wear an orange outfit like the one worn in prisons. To make the situation even more realistic, the clients are under the orders of the guards and the director of the prison.

Before enjoying the bar’s delicious cocktails, visitors must follow precise directions or face penalties. The concept of Alcotraz allows on a small scale to touch the realities of the prison frame and is suitable for those looking for new experiences. Located in the UK capital, the property is accessible via ticket purchase for a 2-hour slot and 4 cocktails.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.