The best bars in Nantes for a night to remember!

Nantes, one of the last cities where the longest river in France flows through before it exits into the Atlantic Ocean. A joyful town with many activities throughout the year. If you plan to visit this city soon, don’t leave before stopping by one (or some) of the following bars.

L ‘Industrie

Start your night with at a chill-out atmosphere with a couple of drinks or even a coffee. However, prepare yourself for the night, since here, when the sun comes down, the cocktails come out with different colors and flavors that will make you want to get home late… again.


Le Labo

The Labo offers different brands and rum-based drinks. If you love this beverage, you should come to this laboratory to experience and discover the different ways to prepare a rum cocktail. You will see that there’s more than a mojito.



Just when the party is about to begin, you realize all the bars are closing. But relax, the Pickwicks stays open until 4 am. This is a place for concerts and DJs. Now you will know what to say when someone asks for the after party.


Le Bootlegger

The cocktail menu of this bar is so long that you never know which one to choose. Nevertheless, we are sure you will find the perfect blend for your taste. With or without alcohol, the Bootlegger is the cocktail hotspot of Nantes, also a place to take mixology courses.

La Calle

Welcome to La Havana of Nantes. Evidently, La Calle is a Cuban bar where you can try all kinds of drinks, including the classic drinks you are used to. This is also a good place to admire from its terrace where the Loire river breaks into the Magdalene and Pirmil branches and the colorful artistic rings of Daniel Buren and Patrick Bouchain, on the river’s edge.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.