boston's top 5 cocktail bars

Boston’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars for an Original Drink

Cocktail innovation in Boston is enjoying its heyday and according to these are Boston’s Top 5 Cocktail Bars for tasting the best drinks in town.

We’ve selected for you the 5 best bars in Boston.



Alcove Boston is a modern neighborhood restaurant whose specialties include this delicious bubbly citrus cocktail. The menu is based on seasonal ingredients.



Handcrafted cocktails served at Union Square’s Backbar. The cocktails menu is inspired from all over the world and by popular culture and their drinks have very original names, such as Dumbledore’s Office, or, Wakanda.


The Baldwin Bar

The Baldwin Bar is a hotel bar with a casual and lively atmosphere. Here you can taste Tiki cocktails, and “approachable” cocktails as the bar itself baptizes them. In short, original and appetizing cocktails at sight.


Better Sorts Social Club

Innovative and inspiring cocktails and classic cocktails complement the menu of the Better Sorts Social Club, a place that, as they themselves say, aims to bring everyone together. The ingredients of the cocktails are affordable, easy to find in your fridge and all accompanied by a delicious menu of food, like a lobster roll.


Lion’s Tale

Lion’s Tale is a food and cocktail bar that also pays tribute every first Wednesday of the month to women. The cocktail menu experiments with tea, such as Ethel + Earl, a combination of whisky, Earl Grey tea and Becherovka bitter. 100% originality. Besides, every Sunday is brunch Sunday!


Don’t Drink and Drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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