Movie-like cocktails in this Australian bar

Photo by GinLane

Transport your palate with these movie cocktails at the Gin Lane bar. A bar based on gin cocktails. Here you can enjoy cocktails inspired by Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.

Gin Lane’s creative potential is on another level. His offer of 150 gins allows a high experience for lovers of this spirit. In fact, this creativity is transformed into original cocktails with an incredible decoration.

For example, the GoT Wildfire. A cocktail inspired by the mythical HBO adapted series. The recipe contains Tanqueray London Dry Gin, apricot, squeezed passion fruit and pineapple, barrel-aged bitter, squeezed lemon and green Chartreuse.

The drink is presented in a kind of chalice with inlaid skulls. Smoking, because when the bubbles appear, it is ready to drink.

The Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail is served in a glass of W medical precipitates. It contains, champagne and absinthe injection, and a bag of radioactive salt from Walter White. (???)

Certainly, Gin Lane delights in much more than the cocktails mentioned above. But the truth is that the bar’s variety, in original cocktails as well as refined or simple, takes the lead in the city of Sydney.

We undoubtedly already understand why it has been nominated as one of Australia’s best bars. In fact, on September 17, we’ll know if the bar will win the Gin Bar of the Year awards.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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