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Meet the Los Angeles speakeasy “bar” that was born in a garden

Photo by Kim Daniels on Unsplash

Speakeasy bars evoke prohibition. Of course. And this concept fits very well into Stubborn Nail’s definition of bar. A real speakeasy in Los Angeles who was born in the garden of Jessica Smith and Bobby Lincoln.


In Glassel Park, the Smyth and Lincoln couple bring the locals together for drinks. In their garden, they created a bar to taste high quality cocktails, while creating an atmosphere of conviviality in this speakeasy, very different from any bar on the street.

But, you may wonder why “speakeasy”. Legally, the ban is over, right? However, The Stubborn Nail is a place that legally, can not be considered as a bar. If they ever decided to call themselves literally “bar” they would be breaking the law. Its founders create their cocktails here and invite the community weekly to join this tasting. And every bottle of the “bar” is donated or purchased from the same pocket as Smyth and Lincoln, since they are not real business.

Meet the Los Angeles speakeasy "bar" that was born in a garden

It doesn’t stop it from being a great idea and happening in a homemade bar. Lincoln, a woodworker, built the beautiful bar. Smyth already worked with cocktails. They met at a beer bar. Both understood that they shared a passion for drinks and their preparation, and aspired to have their own bar.


Fresh Herbs & Cocktails

The “garden to glass” method is a sustainable practice that guarantees the quality of the drink we prepare. In Stubborn Nail, the aromatic ingredients and plants come from the house garden. Like mint, rocket flowers and chiles, as well as homemade modifiers like Jamaican pepper, fennel-infused agave syrups and linden oleosaccharic. For Smyth this is normal. She says that this is how her mother raised her.

Stubborn Nail Cocktail Company is available for private parties and events. In addition, they lend themselves as consultants for the bar business and menus.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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