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Cambridge will soon open a hipster tequila bar

October is already here, and along with that, the desired debut of a tequila bar in Cambridge, which will be located on Trinity Street basement venue 2648.

In the place, the bar is already settled and ready for its grand opening. It will adopt a classic clandestine style with a “hipster” touch. Its decoration includes comfortable sofas and posters.

In this bar you will find all kinds of tequila-based drinks; from the classic margaritas to the most local cocktails of the Mexican culture that has gained popularity in London.

What can I expect from this bar besides tequila? Long evenings with DJs, good cocktails, and especially music (techno, R&B, minimal house, classic rock, blues and the best vintage songs). No matter the genre, here you can enjoy as you wish: dancing, chilling with a drink or accompanied with friends to enjoy some laid-back moments.

Tequila is the new gin. The trend of this great spirit has already conquered the Shoreditch neighborhood in London and now its Cambridge conquest is yet to be seen, although we do have some great expectation of the expansion.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly. 


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