new sake brands for export

Sake finds a new export opportunity

Photo by Leio McLaren (@leiomclaren) on Unsplash

We report on Japan and the plan for a new license to export sake, a clear opportunity for small producers. More here.

The government and the ruling bloc are discussing the possibility of new licenses to produce sake for export. Although new additions are not yet allowed, the ruling bloc aims to remove certain restrictions.

In addition, for the reform of the package for fiscal year 2020, a revision of the liquor tax law is expected.

With the modification of these regulations and licenses, small sake producers will find new opportunities abroad. In fact, 60 kiloliters of sake per year are required to purchase the production license. This rule was created with the aim of not exceeding the supplies for sake without need. Export, however, would not affect the domestic balance of supply and demand. Therefore, it is envisaged to allow small entrepreneurs to produce sake for export.

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