Underestimated bars in the Bay Area

The local bars that are worth a visit :

The cat house in Oakland


A relaxed neighbourhood atmosphere and jazzy vibrations, it’s the place to go when your brain wants to get out but your body wants to stay in your pajamas. Comfort and cocktails guaranteed!

Wildhawk in San Francisco


Bohemian and elegant appearance, you will find refined cocktails. Don’t miss the Negroni, for example: a Negroni infused with cocoa with a Beefeater gin, Campari, Cinzano 1751, a bitter vermouth and chocolate salt, served in a bowl with heart-shaped and flower-shaped orange zest cuts.


East Bay Spice Company in Berkeley


Drink a Golden State Curry, made with sweet and spicy ingredients, including curry cream, coconut and cocoa cream! Their Indian-inspired dishes and drinks are incredibly creative.


True Laurel in San Francisco


The cocktails are original here, example with the pea-casso: Aquavit, Pressed peas, Espadol, Clarified lime, Matt tonic, Arak Sannine.


Boots and shoes service in Oakland


Well known for its pizzas over a wood fire and its menu of shared dishes, it also makes people talk about it thanks to its menu of cocktails and homemade beers.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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