beer industry and women

Beer, a man’s drink, but for how long?

A long history, which takes time to change. How long is beer considered a drink for men? Change takes time.

In a society stereotyped by marketing and chauvinism one study highlights the reasons why, today, we continue to assume that beer is a drink for men. Industry seems to have a hard time getting rid of an idea that excludes women. In part, sexist marketing and the chauvinism that promotes virility still contribute today in the 21st century.

One of the consequences of these advertisements and their impact is the very unequal gender distribution among beer drinkers in the UK – only 17% of women. The Independent explains.

The study also focuses on the cultural barriers that continue to dissect society in this environment. Women often see doors closing in the world of beer. It points to the weight of sexual harassment, which is present in the brewing industry. As in many other areas, but it is facilitated here by alcohol consumption in the workplace.

In addition, the study points to the limitations of the “field”. Sales representatives are regularly required to spend time in bars. “Therefore, dealing with men under the influence of alcohol is part of daily work. One of the study authors explains.


Women prefer to choose beer, at home

The Telegraph has carried out a study where they show us how women consume this drink. On the one hand, they prefer to share it at home in moments of relaxation. On the other hand, women over 45 tend to choose beer in the company of friends, while men tend to select other drinks.

Is it sexism? Yes, that’s one of the reasons. Marketing in the beer market plays a key role and this is associated with women’s perception of beer. Among other reasons why women are reluctant to share a beer are the fear of gaining weight and the taste of the drink.

But although not everything is dominated by the “man”, the world of beer also has great women. Read more about the Yuengling sisters.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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