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Original gift ideas for beer lovers

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For beer lovers, we bring a list of five original gift ideas. Check out our list and enjoy this Christmas.

Let’s get out of the banal or “boring” gifts and highlight your gift with these original ideas.

A Brewery Tour

A beer lover will love to visit a brewery. There are several breweries that offer visiting experiences, such as the Heineken Experience in the Netherlands, or a tour of artisanal breweries in the United States. Milwaukee Food Tours prepares a visit of artisan breweries and cocktails at a good price of $70. Other companies such as Untapped Tours offer a visit to four different breweries.

A Good Book of Beers, Not Just Any Book

It’s not just any book. The book “The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous: Beer and Brewing in the Badger State” is enormous and contains 676 pages. They are filled with interesting facts about beer and stories to share. A book by Doug Hoverson. Another book that will complement the library is “Drink Better Beer: Discover The Secrets of the Brewing Experts. This book by Joshua M. Bernstein, known as the King of Handcrafted Beer, provides expert advice on everything from the perfect glass to the ideal beer.

Affiliation with a local brewery

A gift that will not fail is membership in a brewery. Your beloved beer lover will thank you! Did you know that by becoming a member of a brewery you enjoy access to exclusive barrels, personalized merchandise and other items such as t-shirts. Other privileges include premieres before offering to the public. Visit the local breweries that normally offer this type of privilege.

A ticket to a beer festival

A beer festival is an excellent opportunity to taste as much as you want – in moderation! – and an infinity of possibilities. Check out the festivals in your region for next year and reserve a spot for your beloved beer lover. Major world events include the Paris Beer Week or the Oktoberfest which is also held in several cities around the world, not just in Germany. On the other hand, regional breweries tend to organize festivals, so you can also check out their events.

Special beer glasses

And for less crazy gifts, a good set of dedicated beer glasses to taste is also an excellent gift. You can choose from custom glasses, brewery glasses if you have a favorite, or premium brand glasses that offer durability and quality to taste. A good recommendation is to choose different glasses for different types of beer.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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