These are the best glasses for beer this 2019

Gear up with the best beer glasses this 2019 to properly taste any beer, chill, pint or whatever you like to call it!

Gear Patrol creates this count of the best seven beer glasses you can buy this 2019. In quality, shape, price, from bodega glasses, pints and even beer stein, there is a choice for everyone.


1. Rastal Teku

The Teku type glass is the universal reference when it comes to beer glasses. Its shape allows the aromas of beer to rise to the nose. It is resistant and will hardly crack, scratch or break.




2. Zalto beer glass

A hand-blown glass of excellent quality and lead-free crystal. Very resistant and does not crack easily. The tulip shape is perfectly suited to pilsner beers and their entire range.




3. Libbey Belgian beer glass

A glass designed for the different types of Belgian beers. Its wide and short shape gives space to the taster to appreciate spinning, shaking and sniffing the glass. Its material is thick and solid, much more than most.




4. Spiegelau IPA glass

A glass designed to taste IPA beer thanks to its lightness, thinness and the fact that it is lead-free. The design of its base allows, according to critics, air the beer.




5. Willi Becher tumbler glass

Our beloved tumbler glasses for cocktails also have their place among beers. This tumbler transforms the conventional tumbler glass into a stylish version, which is heavier thanks to its solid base and conical silhouette. Suitable for lager and pilsner beers.




6. Bormioli Rocco bodega glasses

Recognized for being used for drinking more than beer, the cellar glasses are tough and serve a perfect amount, especially to accompany meals.




7. Pilsner beer glasses Nachmann Vivendi

Courtesy of Nachmann Vivendi, it is the elegant stemmed glass ideal for drinking pilsner and lager. Like the rest of the this glass selection, it is lead-free and durable because of its strength.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.