Who is Chris Fletcher? Jack Daniel’s new Master Distiller

Photo: Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s Distillery announced last week the arrival of Chris Fletcher, the new master distiller replacing Jeff Arnett.

Chris Fletcher is originally from Lynchburg and previously worked for six years as Assistant Distiller Master Jeff Arnett. Now, he is taking over the overall quality and innovation of the brand.

In a statement the distillery announced among Chris’ responsibilities “the cultivation of the grain in the fields of the distillery until it is bottled. He will also be a world ambassador for Tennessee whiskey. He will also oversee the new “Distillers in Training” program, which aims to recruit, teach and mentor the next generation of whiskey makers.

Fletcher is the grandson of former Master Distiller Frank Bobo, who held the occupied position from 1966 until his retirement in 1989.

It is an honour to be appointed Master Distiller at Jack Daniel’s and to join a group of people who have made the best whiskey in the world,” says Chris Fletcher in the statement on his appointment.

He makes special mention of Jeff Arnett. “Over the past 17 years, I have learned and worked alongside talented whiskey makers, and I am very grateful for the mentors I have had, including Jeff Arnett, who taught me so much. Our distillery and team here in Lynchburg are the best in the business and I can’t wait to continue working with them on making the world’s favorite whiskey.”


Fletcher’s relationship with the distillery

Fletcher’s relationship with the distillery dates back to 2001, when he held a tour guide position while attending college, and graduated with a degree in chemistry from Tennessee Tech University in 2003. In the industry, Fletcher had already worked with Brown Forman in Research and Development for eight years. After gaining more experience in the bourbon niche, Fletcher returns to Jack Daniel’s Distillery where he has six years of experience and is now the Master Distiller.

For the past six years, Chris has been present and involved in all the innovations, products and improved production processes at the major distilleries, while ensuring that our Tennessee whiskey is of the highest quality and character,” said Larry Combs, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Jack Daniel Distillery. “Backed by our tremendous senior leadership team, I have no doubt that he will thrive in this new role,” he concluded.


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